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Ballet Coaching and Cross-training for dancers
Gyrotonic(R) & Pilates
 The Well Body

Whether you are a dancer looking to improve your technique, increase flexibility and strength,  or overcome the damaging effects of overuse, GYROTONIC®  exercise is exactly what you need. With a focus on maximizing movement potential through energetic and kinesthetic connection, GYROTONIC® will enable you to develop new movement patterns without excess tension and a renewed freedom.  By strengthening the body using the full range of motion of the spine and  joints, GYROTONIC® will help you realign your body  and refine your technique without strain. 

GYROTONIC® exercise is proven to be an excellent cross-training method for athletes of all sorts. By providing a system that breaks out of the linear nature of most conditioning methods like Pilates and Yoga,  GYROTONIC® exercise uses circular, continuous movements to create a well-balanced conditioning program.  The GYROTONIC® method can help alieviate the strains associated with muscular imbalance, lack of flexibility, and limitations in range of motion.  Come try a class today to see how it can be tailored toward your specific goals. 

Whether you are searching for a new workout you enjoy, seeking relief from chronic pain, or just want to expand your exercise repertoire, GYROTONIC®  exercise is what you've been looking for.  GYROTONIC® is good for all ages and levels of fitness, and provides the body with an overall sense of well-being. Gyro= circle, Tonic= medicine for the body. Try a session to see how the GYROTONIC® method can promote a healthier life. 

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