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Hannah loves to solve the body’s mysteries, carefully and systematically unlocking its truest and freest movement potential.  A lifetime student of ballet and modern dance, she has trained professionally since her youth and now enjoys assisting others in their personal movement goals. While dancing in NYC, she was constantly seeking ways to both maximize her body’s athletic potential and address injuries that would inevitably arise from that pursuit. This is how she met and fell in love with the GYROTONIC® method.  The system gently and methodically improved her alignment, flexibility, and strength, which resulted in less injury and a more sophisticated connection to her body.  She began formal training in the GYROTONIC® method in 2004 at Studio Riverside in NYC and was certified in 2010 at San Francisco GYROTONIC® under master trainer Debra Rose.  In 2019, she decided to add Pilates training to the mix and completed a Reformer course in March 2020. Now, she incorporates everything she has learned to provide individualized, specific and effective lessons to all students, no matter where they are on their physical journey.  In addition to GYROTONIC® and Pilates exercise, Hannah also holds an MFA in Dance from UC Irvine and has worked in various positions as a professional dancer and ballet instructor. 


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